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Communication Preferences for Clients
Communication Preferences for Clients

How to set which types of emails and text messages a client receives

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Clients can configure the types of Email & Text communications they receive from the trainer and the PTminder system.

Below is a summary of these preferences:

Booking Notifications & Reminders
Controls automated booking reminders for:

  • New Bookings

  • Upcoming Booking Reminders

  • Joining Waiting Lists

  • Class New Online Booking Notification

  • Classes New Online Mass Booking Notification

  • Session New Online Booking Notification

  • Class Online Booking Cancellation

Payment Reminders
Controls automated payment reminders for upcoming payments.

Package and Membership Notifications
Controls automated package and membership reminders for: 

  • Package Expiring

  • Package Running Out

  • Package Finished

  • Membership Running Out

  • Membership Finished

Marketing / News / Promos
Controls manual messages sent by the trainer through the 'Messaging' areas.

How to add Communication Preferences to the Client Signup Form

By setting up your Client Form with the 'Add Communication Preferences' option enabled, your clients will have the option to choose their communication preferences during their sign up process.

Follow these steps to add Communication Preferences to your Client Form:

  1. Head to the Settings menu then select the Client Area.

  2. Select the Client Form Setup tab. 

  3. Check the "Add Communication Preferences" checkbox then Save:

How to change a Client's Communication Preferences as a Trainer

Head to the Clients page, select which client you wish to view/change, then select the Messaging tab. There you'll find the Communication Preferences sub-tab and you can update the client's settings directly:

How to change Communication Preferences as a Client

After signing into the Client Area under the client's account, head to My Profile through the top-right settings menu:

Select the Communication Preferences tab:

Additional Info

Email notifications sent out to clients will also include a shortcut link at the footer of the email to manage their communication preferences.

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