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Client Sign Up Forms, Waivers, Questionnaires
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When your clients sign up online, you'll want to capture their information. PTminder has the 'default' client signup forms you can edit, as well as the ability for you to build out your own custom forms.

Default client sign up forms

On the Client Form Setup tab found in the Settings > Client Area, select the 'Edit default client sign up form' to setup your own preferences. You have the option to make certain fields mandatory or not for your clients.

Additional custom client sign up forms (Form Builder)

Activating the Form Builder is a useful feature which allows you to build out your own forms. This is useful for health forms, PAR-Q, liability forms and other types of agreements.
You can completely customise the form with your own questions, information, checkboxes, communication preferences and even a digital signature.

To set this up, head to the Client Form Setup tab found in the Settings > Client Area.

Once you've activated the Form Builder option, you can set about creating your form:

To add an item to the form, simply click on one of the form fields from the right-side menu, this will add that item to the form. Once in the form, you can hover over the item you wish to edit and a few icons will appear allowing you to Edit, Copy or Remove.

To re-position the order of the form items, simply drag'n'drop the items into the preferred place.

When editing a form item, you can customise the wording and basic formatting, and even add text links. If you want to make a field mandatory/required, check the 'Required' checkbox:

You can also Add Communication Preferences and Require a Digital Signature:

To see what your form looks like, select the 'Preview Form' button on the right.
After saving, this form will then be displayed to your clients when they sign up through your Client Area Website or Mobile App. Here's an example of what they might see:

Once submitted, you'll be able to see your client's submission through their profile under the Client Form tab, for example:

From here you can also print or export as a PDF.

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