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How to 'Refer a Friend'
How to 'Refer a Friend'

Refer a friend to PTminder and you'll be rewarded when they sign up using your referral

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Invite a friend to use PTminder using the 'Refer a Friend' program. For every friend who signs up from your referral (as a paid customer), you'll earn a free month off your PTminder subscription. Or if you're on the annual plan instead of monthly, you'll earn an extra 10% off your next annual renewal for each paid referral.

How to refer a friend

  • Log in to PTminder

  • Select Refer a Friend from the settings menu

  • Here you'll find your unique referral link, select the Copy button if you want to share it out. You can also use the Facebook & Twitter share buttons.

Tracking your friend referrals

On this same page you'll see a 'Track your referrals' section, it'll show you how many friends have clicked on your referral link, how many have become trial customers, and how many converted into paid signups which is when you earn the reward. Example:

Redeeming your rewards

Whenever your referred friends become a paid signup, we'll automatically send you an email letting you know and that you can go ahead and redeem your reward. On the same 'Refer a Friend' area, you'll see your referred signups along with a button to redeem your reward, here's an example:

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