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Setup reminders for your Clients
Setup reminders for your Clients

Choose what, how and when to send email & SMS reminders to your clients

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You can decide under which conditions Email & SMS Text notifications are sent out to your clients.

This is helpful to remind clients of their upcoming bookings, cancellations, payments, waiting-lists and when their packages or memberships are about to expire.

To configure your client notification preferences, head over to the Notifications area found within Settings.

You can then pick and choose what, how and when notifications will be sent. 


For the 'Upcoming Payment' reminders, these work if you have recurring payments setup with one of our supported integrations (currently Stripe, GoCardless & Ezidebit).

For the Service Notifications, these can be setup so your clients are reminded about their packages or memberships that are about to expire, or have already expired:

Tip: restrict reminders to only send during suitable time windows...your client might not appreciate an SMS at 3am!...or would they? ;)

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