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Sync the PTminder Calendar with an external Calendar
Sync the PTminder Calendar with an external Calendar

iCal, iPhone, Outlook, Other Calendars

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PTminder lets you synchronize your PTminder Calendar with other external Calendars that support 'subscribing' to a Calendar URL (e.g iCal, iOS, Outlook, Google Calendar + more). 

It is a one-way Sync only, therefore everything you add to the PTminder Calendar will sync over to your other connected Calendar, however, if you add a new entry in your external Calendar it won't be synchronized back to the PTminder Calendar. Also, the frequency of the sync updates depends on your Calendar client and can take up to 24hrs depending.

Note: if you are already using Gmail/GSuite (i.e Google Email services), then we recommend using the dedicated Google Calendar Sync add-on instead, which can be activated here. This method supports 1-way integration.

To activate the one-way sync, head over to Settings then Other. Within the 'Calendar Sync' tab, 'Your Calendar URL’ will be displayed in a blue box. You can copy/paste this unique URL into your external Calendar application. The steps to do this vary by application, but below are some common ones:

For iCal:

  1. Open the iCal application

  2. Up the top menu, click on 'File' then 'New Calendar Subscription...'.

  3. Paste the unique Calendar URL into the 'Calendar URL' box then click 'Subscribe'

For Apple iOS devices:

  1. In the Settings, find the menu item either labeled 'Mail, Contacts and Calendars' or 'Passwords and Accounts' (depending on your iOS version), then tap 'Add Account'.

  2. In the list of account types, select 'Other', then select 'Add Subscribed Calendar'

  3. Press and hold in the text field to paste in the server feed URL, then select Next.

  4. Your device will verify the feed URL and add it to your calendar. Subsequently, new events will automatically populate in the Calendar app.

For Outlook 2016+:

  1. In Outlook, open your Calendar.

  2. Up the top in the menu bar, select 'Add Calendar'

  3. Choose the option 'From internet...'

  4. Paste the unique Calendar URL into the 'Calendar URL' box then click 'OK'

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