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SquareSpace - Integrate the Client Login Form
SquareSpace - Integrate the Client Login Form
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This article will show you how to integrate PTminder's client login form into your existing SquareSpace hosted website.

In PTminder, head over to your Settings then 'Client Area' tab. Then select the 'Website Integration' tab, 'Login Form Integration':

On this page you'll see a number of steps, ignore these for now, but you'll need some of this information later.
Now in a new tab/browser, login to your SquareSpace editor.

In the left menu, select 'Settings':

Then 'Advanced':

Then 'Code Injection':

Now in the 'HEADER' section, copy/paste in your unique code taken from 'Step 1' in the PTminder Website Integration tab. This will start with "<script..." and end with "</script>". For example:

Save the changes.

Next, head over to your 'Pages', and select the page you wish to add the sign-in form to. In the editor, hover the mouse over the area and click the icon as demonstrated below:

Now browse down and select 'Code':

Copy/paste in the following code from 'Step 2' from the PTminder Website Integration page, then apply:
​<div id="ptminder-client-login"></div>

You may not see the login form straight away, sometimes you need to refresh the page or preview/publish your website to see it:

You're all done! :)

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