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Weebly - Integrate the Client Login Form
Weebly - Integrate the Client Login Form
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This article will show you how to integrate PTminder's client login form into your existing Weebly hosted website. If you don't already have a Weebly website, you can sign up for one here.

In PTminder, head over to your Settings then 'Client Area' tab. Then select the 'Website Integration' tab, 'Login Form Integration':

On this page you'll see a number of steps, ignore these for now, but you'll need some of this information later.

Now in a new tab/browser, login to your Weebly editor.

Find the area/page you wish to add the PTminder login form to, then from the left-hand module options look for 'Embed Code' and drag'n'drop this onto your page where you want the login form to be. Circled in red below is what you're looking for:

Click on the new widget, then 'Edit Custom HTML':

Copy/paste in the following code from 'Step 2' then save:
<div id="ptminder-client-login"></div>

Next, click on ‘Pages’ in the top menu:

Select the appropriate page, then select 'SEO Settings' as seen above.
In the 'HEADER CODE' section, copy/paste your unique code from 'Step 1', which starts with "<script...", it'll look similar to below (but not exactly the same):

Save & Publish your changes and checkout your website, you should now see the PTminder login form where you placed it:

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