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Understanding Bookings Credits: 'Carryover Unused Sessions/Classes' and 'Expiring Credits'
Understanding Bookings Credits: 'Carryover Unused Sessions/Classes' and 'Expiring Credits'
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This guide explains how the credit system works, focusing on two key things:

  • Carrying over unused sessions or classes to future periods.

  • Expiration of unused credits after a certain time.

Carrying over unused sessions or classes to future periods.

The system uses two numbers to show the bookings credits written in 'x left from y'

x value (highlighted in green): This shows how many credits haven't used from total earned credits.

y value (highlighted in red): This represents the total number of credits earn each period. In the screenshot below, client is earning 1 credit every period.

Let's break it down further:

y (Total Earned Credits): This is the important number. It shows the fresh credits earned each period. As the weeks go by, this number increases (e.g., 1 in period 1, 2 in period 2, and so on). By the 6th period, the client has a total of 6 earned credits.

x (Unused Credits): This keeps track of how many credits your client used across current and previous periods. It does this by adding up the used credits from each period. This total used credit amount is then subtracted from the "y" value (total earned credits) to show your remaining unused credits ("x").


Period 1: No credits used.
Used credit = 0, so x = 1 (unused) and y = 1 (earned).

Period 2: Use 1 credit.
Used credit = 1 (total used across periods 1 & 2), so x = 1 (unused) and y = 2 (earned).

Period 3: Use 2 credits.
Used credit = 3 (total used across periods 1, 2 & 3), so x = 0 (unused) and y = 3 (earned).

Expiring Unused Credits

In this example, any unused credits expire after 6 periods.

Let's revisit the scenario above:

From the 7th period onward, the total credit value shown remains at 7. This doesn't necessarily mean the client is not earning new credits.

Here's why.

* the client is earning 1 new credit each period (y).
* But, any unused credits from previous periods (older than 6 weeks) are expiring.
* This creates a balance where the total displayed value stays at 7 (new earned credits replacing expired ones).

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