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Enabling Visibility of Messages Sent to Other Trainers
Enabling Visibility of Messages Sent to Other Trainers
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By default, messages sent by clients are exclusively visible to the assigned trainer. However, if your business requires a broader visibility of client messages among trainers, you can enable the "Show messages sent to other trainers" permission. This allows messages to be viewed not only by the designated trainer but also by other trainers associated with your business.

Default Behavior:

  • Messages sent by clients are visible only to the trainer assigned to the respective profile.

  • For example, if the profile is assigned to 'First Trainer,' then messages from Amy Green will exclusively be visible to 'First Trainer.'

Profiles Without Assigned Trainers:

  • If a profile has no trainer assigned to it, messages will be visible only to the 'Account Owner' by default.

Permission: "Show messages sent to other trainers"

  • You have the option to enable a permission that allows messages to be visible not only to the assigned Trainer but also to other Trainers within the organization.

How to Enable "Show messages sent to other trainers":

  1. Navigate to your 'Account' settings.

  2. Click on 'Settings' in the dropdown menu.

  3. Select the 'Staff' tab.

  4. Locate and edit the staff member for whom you want to enable this permission.

  5. Under the 'Permissions' section, scroll down to find the 'Other' category.

  6. Look for the option labeled 'Show Messages Sent to Other Trainers.'

  7. Enable this option.


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