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Financial Reports
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In the Financial Reporting section, you can find a number of financial reports to help you understand how your business is tracking.

All reports can be easily printed or exported as a PDF, Excel or CSV file.

Here is a summary of what each report provides:

Financial Reports

Payments Recorded

The Payments Recorded report displays your recorded payment transactions, based on the filters you choose. This includes all payments received, whether that be through online payments, manually recorded payments, or payments recorded during the reconcile process.

Reconciled Earnings

The Reconciled Earnings report will only show you the earnings which are based on your previously 'reconciled' sessions/classes. If an event hasn't been reconciled yet, it is not included in this report. Find out more about reconciling here.

Projected Earnings

The Projected Earnings report estimates what your future earnings will be. This includes the cost of any future sessions/classes booked in on your Calendar, as well as upcoming/scheduled membership renewals.


The Expenses report provides a summary of all your business recorded expenses based on the chosen filters.


The Profit report is an income & expense profit/loss report, providing you with a financial summary of what's coming in and out of the business.

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