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How to include shared video conferencing links in bookings (e.g Zoom)
How to include shared video conferencing links in bookings (e.g Zoom)

Used for hosting online/remote training sessions

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This article describes how you can include video meeting join details (e.g Zoom), or any other shared links, into your session/class bookings and have these visible to your attending clients so they can easily access your material.

Where to add your Zoom details (or other links) into your booking

On the Calendar > Book Session/Class screen, switch to the 'Notes' tab and paste in the video conferencing details/links into either the 'Workout notes' or 'Other notes' sections. Below is an example:

How do clients then view it?

From the website or mobile apps, your logged-in clients will be able to see your notes attached to the booking and open up any links directly from their device. Here's an example of what this may look like with a Zoom meeting link on the mobile app:

In addition to this, you can setup your email templates so that your clients will also receive these details in their email notifications (described below) .

Setup booking email notifications to include 'Workout notes' and/or 'Other notes'

  1. Go to your Settings > Templates page and select the booking email(s) templates you wish to include the notes on. It is available on the following templates, we recommend applying it to at least the 4 outlined in bold below:
    - New Booking
    - Upcoming Booking Reminder
    - Session/Class Cancellation
    - Join Waiting List
    - Waiting List Cancellation
    - Class New Online Booking Notification
    - Session New Online Booking Notification
    - Class Online Booking Cancellation
    - Session Online Booking Cancellation

  2. Select the 'Show placeholders that can be used' to see all the options available:

You'll see these two placeholders:
EVENT_WORKOUT_NOTES = event workout notes
EVENT_OTHER_NOTES = event other notes

3. Add these two placeholders into the editor, with any additional wording you'd like. Below is an example of how this may look, with a preview:

Now when your client receives an email notification for a new booking, it will include the notes you included on your booking, allowing for quick and easy access to any links you shared.

You can setup the same for SMS booking templates too!

If you need a hand with any of this, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team for assistance :)

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