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Family Accounts

Shared payments/services across multiple family members

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Designed for those clients who have others in the family that also train with you. You can create additional family members as separate clients but still linked to their main account which centrally handles the payments and service purchases shared across all members.

Family Accounts can be used as a way for multiple clients to share the same financial account. This is common with families where 1 person is handling the payments, purchasing packages/memberships, but want their other family members to be able to utilise these credits in a shared way.

Each member account still keeps their own individual client information separate, which includes these client tabs:

  • Contact Info

  • Summary

  • Notes

  • Nutrition

  • Workouts

  • Assessments

  • Sessions & Classes

  • Documents/Photos

  • Client Form

For the 'master account' of the Family, it has all of the above, but also includes:

  • Client Login

  • Package/Membership/Products

  • Transactions

  • Invoices

  • Messaging

  • Notifications

  • Billing Integrations

Note: the 'Client Login is only available for the master family account as it is shared across all family members. When they login, they can switch between members if needed.

To setup a Family Member account, head to the 'Clients' page then select the client you'd like to add additional members to. Select the 'Family Accounts' tab, as seen in the example screenshot below:

Once you've added a family member, that new client account will appear on the client listing, underneath the master family account e.g:

You can then edit any information for the family member client, certain tabs will be restricted to be managed by the master account only:

You can quickly switch between family members using the top drop-down switcher:

Note: additional family account members do not count towards the 'Active Client' number used for Billing.

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