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What is GoCardless?
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The GoCardless platform makes it easy to collect Direct Debit payments from your clients' Bank Accounts. PTminder has integrated seamlessly with GoCardless, so everything can be controlled within PTminder. This includes support for once-off payments, recurring payments & refunds.


How does GoCardless work?

GoCardless processes transactions by collecting your clients' funds from their Bank Account. These payouts will then be transferred directly to your nominated bank account. You’ll be giving customers an easy, one-time set up for all future payments, by asking them to complete a Direct Debit mandate. This gives you permission to collect money from their bank account on agreed payment dates. Once a Direct Debit mandate is in place with your customer, GoCardless automatically collects the funds on the set payment date, notifying your customer in advance.


Which countries is GoCardless available in?

GoCardless is currently available in the following countries as of October 2018:

  • United Kingdom (BACS) - Currency GBP

  • Eurozone (SEPA) - Currency EUR

  • Australia (BECS) - Currency AUD

  • Sweden (AUTOGIRO) - Currency SEK

  • Denmark (BETALING) - Currency DKK

  • New Zealand (BECS) - Currency NZD


GoCardless charges a fixed % fee per transaction and offers different plans based on your needs. Pricing Plans can be found here.

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