This article will show you how to integrate your PTminder Client Area website into your existing Shopify hosted website, using the iFrame method.

First you'll need to know what your unique PTminder 'Client Area Name' URL is. This can be found in your Client Area settings (head to Settings then Client Area).

You can click on the 'copy' icon as seen in the example below:

Now in a new tab/browser, login to your Shopify account.

Select 'Online Store' from the left-hand menu:

Select the 'Customize' button:

Select 'Add Section':

Select 'Custom content':

Select 'Add':

Select 'Add content', then 'Custom HTML':

Copy/paste in the following code, but replace the '' text with your own Client Area URL you previously copied:

<iframe style="width: 100%; height: 1000px;"src=""></iframe>

You may also want to change the 'Container width' to '100%', so it appears best on the page.

You're done! You should now see the PTminder Client Area website embedded on the same page.

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