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MailChimp Email Marketing integration
MailChimp Email Marketing integration

Sync your PTminder Client list with a MailChimp list

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MailChimp allows you to easily send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted email campaigns.

The MailChimp add-on will automatically Sync your PTminder Client list to your selected MailChimp email list.ย 

The sync updates every 5 minutes.

To activate this head over to your Settings, then to the Add-ons menu.

Within the MailChimp Email Marketing section, select the 'Activate' button, which will then ask you to authenticate with your existing MailChimp account.

Once activated, you can then choose which MailChimp list you'd like the PTminder contacts to sync to, as well as which Client Status Types (Active/Lead/Former).

You can pause or remove the MailChimp integration at any time:

Pause Sync - this will pause the sync, which you can resume later.

Remove - this will completely remove the sync, your Maichimp lists remain as is.

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