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General Reports
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In the General Reporting section, you can find a number of general reports to help you understand how your business is tracking.

All reports can be easily printed or exported as a PDF, Excel or CSV file.

Here is a summary of what each report provides:

General Reports

Summary Report

The Summary Report provides you with a basic breakdown of how many Clients you have under each status, the number of services you have assigned/sold, how many bookings you've made and the value of the payments/expenses you've recorded in the chosen date range.

Daily Schedule

The Daily Schedule report produces a printable list of the session/class events you have on a particular day. This includes all bookings logged for the day whether it is active, cancelled or Reconciled. Each event includes the description, participant name(s), time, location and the total cost.

Session/Class Summary

The Session/Class Summary report provides you with a summary table and graphs including which Clients, the Cost and Duration for each period. By using the various dropdown filters and inclusion/exclusion options, you can really dive into the specific data you want to display.

Client List

The Client List report produces a list of all your clients and their related information (e.g Name, Phone Numbers, Address etc). You can choose which client fields to report on, filter by their Status, and filter by which trainers they're assigned to.Β 

Packages & Memberships

The Packages & Memberships report can be used to find out which clients are on each of your available services. With the range of options you can filter by specific memberships, packages, statuses, trainers or clients. Useful to find out whether any clients' services have expired (or are about to!)


The Attendance report is powerful in that you can analyze your clients' attendance by a number of methods, including analysis by:

  • Client

  • Time of Day

  • Day of the Week

  • Day and Time

  • Membership

  • Package

  • Trainer

  • Location

  • Session Category

  • Class Category

  • Session Template

  • Class Template

This can be useful to determine patterns around which events or days/times of the week are most popular.

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