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How to send manual SMS messages to Clients
How to send manual SMS messages to Clients
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You can reduce the chance of client no-shows by setting up PTminder to automatically send SMS text messages directly to your clients, reminding them of their upcoming bookings with you. You can also send manual messages to your clients, whether that be individually or as a group. This article describes how to send manual messages, however you can find how to setup automated reminders in this other article.

First you'll need to purchase an SMS package to get SMS text credits on your account.

Sending a manual SMS to your Clients


To send a manual SMS message with your own custom text, head to the Messaging area by clicking on this icon:

Then on the '+ New Message' button to select the SMS option:

Select which clients or groups of clients you'd like to send the message to, enter the text message, and send away!


The second method can be done directly through the Client's profile. When you Edit a client, head to the Messaging tab and choose the SMS Text Message option:


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