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How to invite PTminder to your Apple Developer account
How to invite PTminder to your Apple Developer account
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This article assumes that you have already signed up for an Apple Developer Program as described in this article.

Important: you must be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program as an 'Organization', not as an 'Individual'. This is so you can invite PTminder to manage the apps on behalf of your organization, it is not supported as an Individual due to Apple restrictions. If you are a sole-proprietor and/or do not have a registered legal entity (such as a company), then you are not eligible for Apple's Developer Program as an 'Organization', which also means PTminder is unable to create custom-branded apps for you under the Platinum plan.

Please follow these steps:

Add PTminder to your App Store Connect account

  1. Log in to the App Store Connect website with your business Apple ID and password.

  2. Select 'Users and Access':

3. Select the + button to add a new user:

4. Fill in the 'New User' form as follows:

First name: PTminder
Last name: Apps
Email: Use the email address
In the Roles section. Select 'Admin'.
In the Developer Resources section. Check the 'Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles' box.

5. Select the 'Invite' button

You're all done! Our team will accept the invitation and we'll upload your apps and notify you once they're approved and available for download.

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