This article explains how to check your Ezidebit payments and understand their status. It also describes how you can adjust existing payment schedules.

There are 5 Ezidebit payment statuses you may encounter:

  • waiting - payment request has been added in PTminder, but has not yet been submitted to Ezidebit.

  • pending - payment request has been sent to the bank for processing and Ezidebit is waiting on a success or fail response before completing settlement.

  • successful - payment has been successfully debited from the Customer and deposited to your nominated bank account.

  • dishonoured - payment has been dishonoured by the Customer's financial institution due to insufficient funds.

  • fatal dishonour - payment has been dishonoured by the Customer's financial institution for a technical reason, such as incorrect details etc.

To see an overview of all of your Ezidebit payments and their statuses, head over to the Finances menu, then the Ezidebit tab:

If you want to view the payment schedule for a recurring Ezidebit payment you've setup, you can find this in the Client's profile, go to the Finances tab then head to 'Ezidebit' section

You are able to pause/skip/resume periods and adjust the payment amounts:

If you have a recurring payment schedule which is linked to a 'Membership', then you can also edit the Ezidebit schedule through the 'Services', tab, e.g:


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