Once you have your Stripe account activated and have added your client’s card details, you can then process card payments.

There are two easy ways to collect once-off payments from your client’s card.

During the Reconcile process

  1. Head to your 'Dashboard' tab

  2. Select the 'Reconcile' button of the past session/class you wish to charge the payment from.

  3. Tick the box 'Make a Payment?'

  4. Tick the box 'Pay by Credit/Debit Card?'

  5. Ensure the payment amount is correct, and whether you want to email a payment receipt to the client, then select 'Reconcile'. This will save the reconcile and also immediately charge the client's card.

Manually record a payment

  1. Head to the 'Finances' tab then 'Payments'

  2. Select which client is to be charged, ensure that the checkbox 'Make payment using (your client’s name) stored Credit/Debit Card?' is checked.

  3. Enter the Payment Amount, any notes, and whether you want a payment receipt sent to the client, then 'Save Payment' (the card will be charged immediately).

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