This article explains how to check your Debitsuccess payments and how you can adjust existing payment schedules.

To see an overview of all of your Debitsuccess payments and their statuses, head over to the Finances menu, then the Debitsuccess tab:

If you want to view the current payment details for a recurring Debitsuccess payment you've setup, you can find this in the Client's profile within the Debitsuccess tab:

If you want to change any details around the existing recurring payment, you can create another '+ Create Recurring Payment Schedule' over the top of it to replace the existing one.

If you have a recurring payment schedule which is linked to a 'Membership', then you can also edit/view the Debitsuccess schedule through the 'Package/Membership/Prod', tab, e.g:

You are able to pause/skip/resume periods through the 'View Debitsuccess payment schedule' screen:

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