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How to create, send and track client invoices
How to create, send and track client invoices
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Configuring invoice settings

To setup your invoice preferences (such as what's included on the invoices, tax options, notes etc) you can do this in the Invoices/Receipts/Tax settings area.

Creating invoices

To view and create your client invoices, head over to the Finances area then to the Invoices tab.

From here you can create a new invoice, then optionally have it emailed to your client...

Once the invoice has been generated, you can then download, print or email it to your client:

You can view all your invoice history from a single view, including each invoice's payment status...

Assigning payments against invoices

It's one thing to send out an invoice to a client, but how do you best keep track of whether it has been paid or not? You can do exactly that by assigning payments against invoices. This is what the 'Status' badge tells you, it'll show you whether an invoice is Paid, Not Paid or Partially Paid.

To assign a payment, view the invoice then select the 'Assign a payment' button as shown in this example:

Next you can choose an existing payment already recorded (if exists), or record a new payment on the spot:

Once the payment has been applied, the invoice paid status will be updated to reflect that the invoice has been paid:

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