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Managing 'Discount Codes' for Packages, Memberships & Products
Managing 'Discount Codes' for Packages, Memberships & Products
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If you wish to provide your clients with a discount/promotion for when they are purchasing your Services (packages, memberships or products), you can do so by following these steps below...

Creating a discount/promo code for a service

In your Services area, head to either the Packages, Memberships or Products tab, then edit an existing item or add a new one.

Turn on the 'Discount/Promo Codes' switch. This will present you with more options where you can create your promo code and applied discount %. You can also limit how many times a discount code can be used by each client for this particular item.

Redeeming the discount/promo codes

As a Client:
Your clients will be presented with the 'Apply discount' option while purchasing an item from your Client Area's Store. This is also supported through the Mobile Apps. Client example:

As a Trainer/User:
While assigning any service to a client, the trainer can optionally apply an existing discount code at the same time, example:

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