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Session Templates explained
Session Templates explained
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Session Templates save you time when booking in sessions through your Calendar. Once you've setup your common pre-defined session templates, you can easily pull them up during the scheduling process and it'll automatically populate all the information into the booking form.

In addition to this, if you have online session bookings enabled in your Client Area Settings, your clients can choose a session template when they book in sessions with you online, as long as you've made that session template available for online bookings.

Here's a quick overview video on using templates:

To set up a Session Template, follow these steps:

Go to the 'Services' menu, then 'Session Templates'

Click on the '+' button:

Fill in the Session Template info:

Now when you go into the Calendar to book in a new session, you can select the appropriate Session Template from the drop-down menu and it will fill in all the information for you:

If you have 'Allow online bookings?' turned on as described here, then your clients will see these session templates to choose from when they go through the online booking process, e.g:

Assigning specific Trainers to Session Templates

You can restrict/specify which Trainers (or 'All Trainers') are assigned to each session template. This way when clients are making an online session booking, when they choose a Trainer, only those session templates assigned to that Trainer will be available for booking. 

To set this up, use the 'Assigned Trainers' dropdown which is found when adding or editing a session template:

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