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How to 'Reconcile' a past session/class
How to 'Reconcile' a past session/class
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Follow these steps to reconcile a past session:

Select the 'Dashboard' tab

Select the 'Reconcile' button of the past session you wish to reconcile. This is located under the “Past (to be Reconciled)” table:

Ensure that all the info is correct, such as the client(s) that attended, date/time of session and amount charged to the client.

Select the 'Attendance' status for each client eg. Attended, Missed, Cancelled, Rescheduled. (Note: If you choose Missed, Cancelled, or Rescheduled, a tickbox will popup below giving you the option to still charge for the session.

(Optional) If you wish to record a payment made by the client(s), click the 'Make a Payment' tickbox.

Note: You can also reconcile past sessions though the 'Calendar' tab by selecting the past session you wish to reconcile, then click the 'Reconcile' button.


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