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What is 'Reconciling' a past session/class all about?
What is 'Reconciling' a past session/class all about?
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Reconciling a past session/class is used to confirm that the particular session has successfully taken place, who attended that session and who paid what. This keeps everything in the system up to date so you have accurate data on the status of your business and your clients.

Once a session is in the past, you have to reconcile that session and confirm whether your client(s) have attended, missed, cancelled or rescheduled that session. You also have the option to record the client payment for that session or deduct it from a package/membership if the client has one assigned.

Tip: Reconcile all your past sessions at the end of each day/week, as it's easy to forget the details if you leave it too long. Use the Mobile Apps and do it on the fly!

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