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Google Calendar Sync integration
Google Calendar Sync integration

Connect your PTminder Calendar with Google Calendar

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When you activate the Google Calendar Sync add-on, all your booking events on the PTminder Calendar will be posted into your Google Calendar as well. It is a 1-way sync only, meaning any changes you make to an event on the Google Calendar side will not be reflected in PTminder's Calendar.

The sync happens every 5 minutes.

To activate this head over to your Settings, then to the Add-ons menu.

Select the 'Activate' button, which will then ask you to authenticate with your existing Google account.

Once activated, you'll then be able to select which Trainer Calendars you'd like to sync with (you can choose multiple):

You can pause or remove the Google Calendar Sync at any time:

Pause Sync - this will pause the sync, which you can resume later. Existing PTminder events will remain on your Google Calendar.

Remove - this will completely remove the sync, including all previously sync'd PTminder events from your Google Calendar.

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