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Declined PaySmart transactions

What happens when a PaySmart transaction is declined?

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When your client’s payment declines, PaySmart immediately contacts your customer with via text message, email, and in some cases phone call. The message which PaySmart sends has a 'Pay Now' link that lets your clients make the overdue payment via credit card. 

Otherwise, your client can call the PaySmart customer service centre and ask to re-debit the funds again. If your client doesn’t, or if the payment remains unpaid, then PaySmart will automatically add the overdue payment amount to the next scheduled debit. So in an example of $25 a week, in the following week PaySmart will try to collect $50. PaySmart will do this for up to 3 failed payments in a row. After the third failed payment. PaySmart will make the Customer inactive and notify you as they need further instructions on what PaySmart are to do. This is when you will have the option to speak to the customer, send them to debt collection or stop providing services.

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