PTminder already provides iPhone and Android Mobile Apps to all customers and their clients, but if you'd like to have your own custom-branded Mobile Apps then the 'Branded App' add-on is for you. 

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Building an app from scratch is a complicated, timely and expensive exercise, so we've solved this challenge by offering our customers their own custom branded apps, also known as "white label" apps. It is essentially a templated app, with your own personal customisations to look and feel as your own.

With your branded Mobile Apps, you will have your own app name (usually your business name), your logos, descriptions, branding/colour themes, and will appear as your own app which you and your clients can download and use from the App Stores. 

It behaves exactly the same as the PTminder app as far as functionality goes. All new feature updates we release for PTminder will also be released on your own apps as well.

A few examples...

Please note:
Due to recent revisions in Apple's release guidelines, there are a new set of requirements that must be met before your branded mobile app can be published to the Apple App Store. Moving forward, any "custom branded" app must come from an independently owned Apple Developer account,  meaning PTminder can no longer publish the branded mobile app on your behalf, and you will need to enroll in the Apple Developer program under your own company name and grant PTminder permission to your developer account so we can publish your apps. This only applies to the iOS apps (for iPhone/iPad), it does not apply to Android apps (Google Play Store) which does not have these special requirements.

Important: you must be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program as an 'Organization', not as an 'Individual'. This is so you can invite PTminder to manage the apps on behalf of your organization, it is not supported as an Individual due to Apple restrictions. If you are a sole-proprietor and/or do not have a registered legal entity (such as a company), then you are not eligible for Apple's Developer Program as an 'Organization', which also means PTminder is unable to create custom-branded apps for you under the Platinum plan.

Here are the requirements to launch your branded Mobile Apps with Apple

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