Once you have your Debitsuccess account activated and have added your client’s card details, you can then process card & bank account payments.

There are two easy ways to collect once-off payments from your client’s card or bank account.

During the Reconcile process

  1. Head to your 'Dashboard' tab
  2. Select the 'Reconcile' button of the past session/class you wish to charge the payment from.
  3. Tick the box 'Make a Payment?'
  4. Tick the box 'Pay by...?'
  5. Ensure the payment amount is correct, and whether you want to email a payment receipt to the client, then select 'Reconcile'. This will save the reconcile and also immediately charge the client's card/account.

Manually record a payment

  1. Head to the 'Finances' tab then 'Payments'
  2. Select which client is to be charged, ensure that the checkbox 'Make payment using (your client’s name) stored...' is checked.
  3. Enter the Payment Amount, any notes, and whether you want a payment receipt sent to the client, then 'Save Payment'.

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