PTminder's Workout Planner offers simple, efficient and professional programming so you can build and assign workouts to your clients.

The workout planner has over 1000 built-in exercises to choose from to help build your plans. Each exercise includes information around which part of the body is worked and includes detailed steps on how to conduct the exercise. You'll also find links to online videos.

You can also create your own custom exercises.

Check out this quick video for a walk-through of how to use the workout planner:

Detailed steps to create workout plans

Go to the 'Clients' tab then choose 'Workout Planner'

To add a new workout, click the '+ CREATE WORKOUT' button

Fill in the Workout form. 

You can choose exercises from the library by running a quick search in the 'Search Exercises' area.

Or 'Browse by Body Part'

Or create your own 'Custom Exercises'

Example exercise:

Set your training plan details (customise the Sets, Weights, Time, Reps, Rest Period etc)

Created programs can be printed, downloaded or edited by clicking the 'Preview' button

Assign your created Workout Plan...

To your clients:

Click the 'Client Assignment' button

Select the appropriate clients:

To your Sessions/Classes

From the Calendar, click on any event then choose the 'Workout' shortcut

Click the '+ Manage Workouts' button and select which workout you'd like to assign

How do clients see their assigned workouts?

Clients can see the workout plans in 3 ways:

  • Emailed as a PDF (if you select this option when assigning it)
  • Through the Mobile Apps, logged in as a client
  • Through the Client Area, logged in as a client

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